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Top Country Rising Star

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A Legend On It's Way Up

The Cowboy makes great music for all people. His album is out now! Get it at Scroll on for more videos and read indepth about The Cwboys music journey.

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howdy all yall. im miles b spencer but call me the cowboy. been a long trail to get where im at but you fans deserve to know what ive lived loved and lost to made me the range poet and soon country star i was ment to be.

that ol stage was always callin the cowboy. wed go to karyoaky bars and id sing the best country songs. but it wasnt enough as it never is for future greats.

but than one weeks worth a lunch brakes i sat and wrote a song called sorry. but it wasnt a song but just words. so my best pal jamie jame got his friend craig to write a music backin up track for it on his keyboard off how i sung it ocapelo for him and well now i had my first real song but nothin to do much with it so i just kept goin and doin country karyoaky and kept writin songs and i wrote four but the only one had backin up track music to it was sorry.

well it was in jan 2019 when craig started tellin me about a open mike thing round his place in kenner. we took the trip down to check it out on a wendesday and than again on the saturday. the saturday one had more folks.

so the next week he brought a speaker and the backin up track for sorry and we went there again and i sang my song and got 9 sec of applause when it was done. if 9 sec dont sound like much than count it out you'll see thats a lot of applause. and that was the saturday open mic not that wendesday crap.

that was all i needed to shoot me on the path to joinin the country stars in an american dream. craig and jamie jame agreed and said i had to make a album.

craig found a drummer for me to try out. that was andy. he got a long with me so i had a drummer now.

in feb 2019 i went to a weekender festival around monroe and saw country funtry the best banjo picker id seen. i had to have him on my album so we talked and he was intrested.

than i spent some time tryin to find a guitar player at the guitar center but just found a hole lot of trouble. they kicked me out for botherin custumers.


so i got jamie jame to go there and pick me out a guitar i could learn up my self and he found me a ibanez geo which is a mexican strat.

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well learnin guitar chords was harder then it looked so i decided id be a lead guitar player instead and only one string at a time.

i made more words for a new song called a strong woman and i sung it ocapelo at a lil hooch food jamboree craig threw and they loved it so the song book just kept on agrowin and strong.

than jamie jame got his cousin keith who wanted to play chord guitar so i tried him out and he passed mustard.

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so now i had a band. or so i thought.

andy said we needed a bass guitar player to and wouldnt do a record without one and craig agreed. id never heard of a bass before but thats what they wanted so we still had to keep on lookin for band members mean while my song book was cryin out to be herd by the people. but its one thing at a time in life some times so we started lookin.

a guy at my work played bass. that was randall. same day i bring him over to a band meetin well keith had brought his friend some guy brant to play bass without clearin it with me or nothin.

i was so mad i thretened to start a band with just randall but than they told me that randall just wasnt as good at bass as brant was and the cowboy needs the best players on count of how complex my song writing is. that made sense when they put it that way. but i still didnt much care for brant as a man and he bearly could make practices besides.

summer was busy. the band worked and made music for my words. won a couple fights and quarels with craigs stupid friend frank at some cookouts. wrote a song called hooch food jamboree.

but bigest news was bookin my own first show at fat farleys in sterlingtown. told em i toured thru texas and they gave me the show easy. lil white lie but it got me the show. and it was openin for country funtry too.

well the band didnt think we were ready to do a 2 hour show and than andy and brant couldnt do the date any way. so me and keith got together and worked up 10 minutes worth of music. i was goin to write a song a day to fill the rest of the show time but than i got to busy to write em so i decided we just learn up some ol country chessnuts to fill the time.

after a couple practices me and keith had bout a hour of songs but than he got called into work 2 days away from the show. so i called up randall to play the bass and id sing over it.

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me and randall got some songs together and headed on out to the show for the cowboys big daybue.

the bartender didnt know there was a show and craigs karyoaky speaker i was gonna sing thru stopped workin so i had to use my heartland pipes to sing without a mike. randall did his best on the bass. we did 4 songs and than they told us that was enough.

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i was real upset but than the band caught a video jamie jame took from the show and they told me it was randall made the show so bad. i guess not every one got the carisma and raw talent to be on stage. so the show wasnt a sucess but i felt like id now payed my dues and on my way up from here.

randall kept on pokin round for shows for me and him and i didnt have the heart to hurt his feelings so i used pyscology and just didnt tell him we wasnt playin together any more.

round labor day 2019 craig got us back on track to get focus on makin a album again. i got him lookin round for studios and jamie jame doin riserch into some internet fundin i had herd about. reckon if you got minyins you ought use em. but for good always only for good.

but nothin much came of them lookin into it and i started to lose hope like a lost indian smokesignal. but than i relized you only get that american dream if you reach on up and take the saddle down your self because you got to saddle the horse before you can make it mosey. if recordin a album had to wait at least i could get a album art done in the mean time.

so had a couple photo chutes done and picked a good picture for the album art with a lil help from you my davoted fans.

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it had been round 6 months than sence the last time me and keith and andy and brant played together but we did around end of 2019 and we practiced.

theyd forgotten how they played the songs before so they refigured out sorry and made up new parts for the other 2. ended the year good except for frank showin up at the new years hooch food jamboree.

2020 started with every thing comin up cowboy. craig got a microphone and started lookin round for studio type rooms we could record in and the band kept practicin with me and figurin out music under my songs.

than the band said they could all sing to so craig said he needed to buy more microphones to record us. so he got me hoosed up to get lookin into the internet fund raiser thing again.

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so we got on the kickstart and craig handled all the particlers of it and put it up on jan 12.

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well come find out there was a theivin jurk name of texas joe from indinapolis who started his own kicknstart page for his country album right round the time i got mine up. i tried to get it takin down for copy right but craig and them told me it was nothin but a concedance.

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but i still think its fishie how texas joes page come up round the same time as mine and i always will. brant made fun of me sayin texas joes out to get me but i say you cant make a idiot see the truth some times so you just keep goin down that ol trail.

while we was gettin money for the album i mowed the lawn one day and come up with my song called cowboyin still. than keith sent me some music on my phone of him playin guitar for me to make words over.

i went back to sterlingtown and talked to country funtry again bout bein on the album since the phone number i had for him didnt work. he said hed play on one song on it but hed need money to come down and do it. so i started pushin the kickstart even more after that.

and than craig told me the kickstart dont pay anything unless the hole amount gets raised before the dead line. things werent movin and mean while texas joes kickstart was already half way to funded. it all looked like the world saw my dream as a nothin and loyalty was just a big ol snake.

im not shamed to admit days were real dark for them days. but than a miracal happened at the last day some one funded the hole rest of the goal and a lil more to. reckon anythings possible in america.

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after kicknstart took there fees out which i still think is a pile of butt churn craig went ahead and bought them three beringer microphones he was lookin at.

i tried callin country funtry to talk fees but i think his new phone number wasnt workin like the old one.

that whole virus thing hapened in mar 2020 and so brant didnt want to be around people on count of him bein all scaredy and than craig and andy agreed with him so the album went put on hold again. the world needed my music more then ever now but lifes butt just kept takin a big o dump on every thing i tried to do with it.

heres the part where the cowboy admits where hes wronged folks. i met a specail woman round this slow time and started spending lots of time with her. but than i also started up a thing with another woman at the conveince store where i got my good beef jurky from.

dont know what come over me to be a cadwaller that way but that it felt good to love and be loved more then 1 way. you know how it is it aint right but it dont feel wrong. long story short they found out bout each other one faithful friday night in may and it was a right feeasgo. and so i was back alone and 2 hurt women.

but than in june out no where keith sent me a thing of him playin guitar for me to make words over. i chaneled all that darkness and got a real tear jurker of a song out of it called makin my own mess.

than craig called me and every one in the band was ready to get back to work on the album. so over the next few weekenders we buckled down them boot straps and hoosed up the wagon and they made music for a whole passel of my songs.

in july craig said hes makin a web page for me and asked me to make a bio for it so i made this thing yall are readin write now. and ill be addin to it when all them good things happen for me.

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yessir the album was now ready for recordin and country stardom was just awaitin in reech again. craig said we could record at his house but than there was a hicup with craigs wife not wantin us to record in the house but than craig made space in the laundry room so we had a place to record. i came by one specail saturday mornin and recorded my first studio talkin in the mic that you the fans helped us get.

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but the clime was just startin for me. i got sick with snot and the bubleguts and pretty sure i had the covid so brant was all scared to be round me until 2 weeks past sense i got over it. wile i was down i came up with a album title and it was no fences.


after 2 weeks past it was time to do one last practice for craig to hear the band before we went in to record. i started workin up my guitar chops and made some videos and put em up for everyone to see the cowboy turn into a guitar man.

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than we had a couple more practice week ends. wile we was practicin em up keith had played me a guitar part that i liked a lot and than the band learned it up so i started thinkin real hard to make good words for it. spent a couple weaks workin on it. but than i found out brant had actualy wrote the music and wanted credit on it. i didnt much care for that but it was a good part so i let it go.


and than i figured it was time for the album cover to get made. jamie jame put the words on the picture and put my name in the file so it said no fences for miles and i liked that even better then the name i come up with for it before wich was no fences.

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tboy at work seen it and said he could do better and he made a way better one that look like stake to the jurky slop jamie jame had made. so now i had a real country star album art and now just time to get it recorded.

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every one finaly picked a day to go record and a day that craigs wife would be out the house and country funtry was able to do to and that day was november the 21 a saturday. i was more excited then id ever ben in my life and was time to take my ritefull place in the country stars. went by the studio the day before and got my feel for my country music kingdom.

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than the day came and got there early.

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altho brant farted around gettin set up it wasnt all that long before the recordin times started. we tested the set up and than started in on my big song sorry that started this hole thing off almost 2 year ago. wile we were playin it the band hit a bad cord so i decided it best to move on to the next song and wed come back to it after we did all the other songs.

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than we got on down that trail and did the second song right called cowboyin still.

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country funtry finaly showed up and i was fellin on top the world. we started on the song he was playin banjo on hooch food jamboree. but its never a easy story for this cowboy and this time wasnt gonna be no diffrent. didnt take long brant turned into a monster. kept runnin his stupid dum mouth wile country funtry was playin his banjo solo but i was able to shut him up real fast. dont get what got into brant but he turnt in to a real bur in my butt real quick.


figured a mehicano dinner for lunch would help keep me postive and a singin cowboy needs fuel any way so i payed country funtry for his time using some of the money you my davoted fans raised and than took a brake to go get me some food.

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well when i got back to the studio i seen country funtry was still there and than find out the band recorded a song with him wile i was eatin my lunch. who did they think was payin for this session. i seen there aint no loyalty its just a big snake.

wile i was postin on facebook bout it he left and i didnt get to tell him bye but i bet he told them bye. i was gettin real mad but needed to stay postive becuase next song up was my big heartbraker song and i needed to be at my best for it.

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well the recordin kept goin and brant was more winey and argumants then ever. he wouldnt shut up wile we were recordin kept laughin at my most heart felt parts kept makin coments over the funny song.


well we got to brants music song and so it was time i took some control back. i just made up words from my song idea note book insted of the words i was gonna use before. fairs fair try to ruin my master peace well i can ruin yours to.

well he wasnt happy at all about that and got loud with me and than the band look like they were even takin brants side so well it ended up turned into a war in the recordin room. i gave em a 100 dollars worth of hell and fired em all on the spots and good ridence.


so i had to finish the album with craig makin a backin up track on the spots on his key board. made up some words and they were good. 

but than craig kept playin more songs on his key board that the band didnt get to before i fired em and makin me sing more an more songs when id already done sung out my voice so i had to walk out the studio. even a stars only a man and id been singin more then a half a hour already. i was so mad bout how these loosers and fake players treated me and now i had to walk a way from my own album becuase of there egoes.

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the band was mad at me but good riddence to all of em. and craig wasnt callin me and even jamie jame was mad for me yellin his cousin down in the studio. felt more alone then i ever had even worst then when 2 women left me.


but than in the next weeks craig and jamie jame saw the light and herd my side the right side and gave me apolagies for how theyd been about it all and so all swell that ends well with them 2. reckon they seen what a bad batch of loosers and fake players the band had turnt into and wanted back on the winning team my team. craig had to mix the album now and got to work on it so i kept checken in every week to see how it was a comin. and it was a comin.

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had a few words with craig bout the album when he said i ought not have my talkin intros on every song but i said thats the thing thats gonna seprate me from the rest of the pack. and than he said he could erase some argumants i had with the band that got cot on the recordin but i told him dont you dare erase that. thats what shows the hole story and whats gonna redeam me if any one thinks i was the one causin problems. made sure he new to put every thing we recorded that day on the album. reckon when he saw hes deelin with a artist with a vision he saw it my way. he can know microphones and mixens and all but i know how to pull the peoples hearts and dreams. and if theres one thing ill do its have the hole story bearnaked on there for yall to see my strugle.

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well talkin of strugle it just never lets up for the ol cowboy. jamie jame had his chrismas hootenany and guess who showed up. well it was frank. kept runnin his dum mouth wile i was tryin to play guitar for the people and well i just wasnt puttin up with the dissrespect that day and than some one called the cops and it turned into a 100 dollars worth a hell. got outa jail a few days later and jamie jame said frank aint pressin charges. and so yall know i did win that fight and any one there would tell you that if you knew em.


craig come back from his holiday trip and guess he was suprised to see me in his drive way and so was his loud wife she gave me a ear full but i know she was on my side becuase she hollared at craig to just get the album done allready so id stop havin to keep comin ask bout it. well craig finaly finished up the album and put it on up on a website for the people to buy.


well when i listen to my hole album all the way thru i herd craig put the recordin of them traters and fake players makin fun of me and playin with country funtry wile i was getin lunch. on my album with my name on it. so i went to craigs ready to fight. his loud wife didnt let me in but i wasnt given up that easy so craig came outside after i started a revin my truck motor a lil while. so we talked bout it in my truck and i asked him why he put that cripple creak song on my album where there makin fun of me and im not even singin on it and he said he did it becuase i told him i wanted the hole story on the album of how it went at the studio and that song was the smoken gun of how i was the victum. well when he put it that way it made a lot more sense. my dream was out there and it was time to reach on up them country stars.


Craig Pittman here. l run this website and recorded the album for Miles. Jamie Jame threw an album release party in January and made the mistake of inviting the band there too. Miles started a fistfight with the bass player Brent and ended up in jail for a couple months. When he got out he sent me a text asking how the album had sold. I told him it hadn't yet and that's the last I heard from him. Shortly after he made a post on his Facebook page:

"craig said no one baught the album yet but i find that hard to beleive and i think hes just keepin the money well he can have it. im done with music its nothin but fake players snakes traters liers and cheets and it put me in jail to. reckon at least i tryed any way figured i owed you the davoted fans the story so now yall know. this cowboys moseyin on so see yall down the trail."

I haven't heard from him since then so I guess he means it. I'm supposed to be working with Brent, Andy, Keith and Country Funtry on an album as soon as they work out what songs they want to do. Anyway I put a lot of unappreciated thankless work into making this page not to mention the album so I felt I should at least see it out to the end. If you're reading this Miles good luck with yourself.

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